Special Request Ideas for a Custom Door Company

Designing your own entryway will make your home clearly unique to everyone who visits. Contacting a door company willing to complete special orders will allow you to have a professional look with this creative project. Consider the following examples ideas:

Stained Glass

Plenty of entryways feature windows and other decorative glass, but a custom stained glass window could add much more of a person touch. Nature scenes would be traditional, but consider using the logo of your favorite sports team or superhero so that everyone will know it’s custom work.

Doggie Access Flap

It’s easy to get basic flaps that allow pets to enter and exit, but an experienced door company may be able to make a swinging flap that blends with the rest of the visible surface. Built to your specifications, your pet’s avenue of egress could also be secured with a latch to keep out raccoons and two-legged bandits.

Circular Hobbit Hole Entry

While the custom frame and surrounding carpentry would add complications, any devoted fan of Tolkien would appreciate having a circular wooden entryway. Although, while it sounded appealing in the books, a big round knob in the middle may not provide much of a mechanical advantage when opening or closing the access to your home.

Swinging Saloon Slats

A classic feature of every cowboy movie, anyone would love bursting through the swinging slatted panels that look like shutters. Probably better as an entryway to the kitchen or somewhere else inside. These doors, at least in the movies, never seem like the best option to employ when trying to separate a bar’s liquor from the dusty streets littered with gunslingers.

Sliding and Rolling Instead of Hinges

If you think of the fanciest models of high-end modern sports cars, you pull the handle and wings of metal fold or pivot up into the air. The classic mobster vehicles of the Prohibition era had hinges on the backside. Working with a custom door company allows your residence to give the same awe-inspiring first impression as a sports car. Unusual variations could include doors that swing or roll up, like the mechanism for a garage. Alternatively, the panel could slide sideways into a pocket or up and down like a service elevator.

Enhanced Security

Whether you want the opening motion to use the normal arrangement of hinges or something more unique, there are many opportunities to reinforce the structure and security. With normal frames, a strong kick to the deadbolt can be enough to compromise the sliver of wood holding everything closed. Chains are often dependent upon one or two tiny screws. Those who hope to be prepared for the zombie apocalypse would do well to make sure that their residence is more secure.

Whatever type of customization you choose, working with a custom door company can greatly improve the security and appearance of your home. While other renovations and subtle choices may go unnoticed, every guest must walk past this feature. Anyone who knocks or rings the bell will be greeted by the doorway and the impression it makes.

Engine Rebuilds – Rebuilding a Lotus Twin Cam

The Ford Lotus Twin cam, the legendary high performance engine of the sixties era. The Mk1 Twin Cam was introduced as a test bed engine in the Mk1 Cortina in 1963 & followed by the Mk II which powered the

Mk II Lotus Cortina – the same engine that was also fitted to the 1968 Escort Twin Cam.

The lotus Cortina & the Twin Cam Escort were instant winners both on the track and in many, many rallies held throughout the world. It is often said that the sixties were the golden years of motor sport, and the firm of lotus and their highly competitive cars were held in high esteem. But the Lotus elan which was publicly released at the1962 Earls Court motor show was the sports car that set the motoring world alight, the elan established a reputation for rapid point to point motoring, as well racking up success after success on race circuits around the world. Lotus was quick to build on those success with the release of the lotus elan 26R, the racing version, which was based on the elan S2 model, only about one hundred 26Rs elans were produced by the factory.

The run of the mill four cylinder ford cast iron engine block provided the base on which the twin cam engine was built, the cylinder head was a Harry Mundy designed twin cam alloy head, which incorporated chain drive to the twin over head cams, which actuated the eight valves. The engine was normally aspirated and fed by ‘twin forty millimetre Weber carburettors, which are characterised by the distinct clucking sound they made when the throttle butterflies are opened.

But despite the high power output of this small four-cylinder engine there are two Achilles heals of this engine, the first being the reputation for water pump failure, which is mostly caused by the engine being left standing for long periods sans any coolant in the block, on the first crank of the engine the dry seal is ripped during the first turn over.

Many elan & escort owners have also upgraded from the original dynamo to a modern alternator for the electrical system, the high tension on the belt required to run the alternator places excessive side loads on the water pump which can lead to premature failure… the standard water pump replacement requires that the alloy twin cam cylinder head be first removed, this can lead to a very expensive mechanical repair for the non-practical twin cam owner

The best fix for this problem is to install the newer modular type water pump, making it far easier to remove and replace. The other problem with the twin cam lotus engine is the constant habit of the engine of losing oil pressure on tight right hand turns, many owners choose to ignore this problem at their own peril, lotus twin cam

drivers have been known to simply listen for the bearing rattles then’ back off, and wait for oil pressure to return…. if you hear bearing rattle, the engine is only a few seconds away from a potential engine blow up,

From a cold start, bearing rattle can be tolerated in an engine because it only lasts for one or two seconds while the engine is at idle., but it is an entirely different story when the engine is revving at four to seven thousand revs per minute where even a short oil starvation period can have a devastating effect on the engine bearings, bearing failure is not an if, but a matter of when the engine bearings seize on the crankshaft.

But You’ll Be Pleased to know there is A Fix – But there are really only two options;

1: If you are into circuit racing, then dry sump lubrication is a given, it can be expensive and time consuming to set up and to get it right, but most racers swear by dry sump lubrication.

2: Install A Gated Wet Sump Oil Control system.

It sounds technical but it is not, the gated sump system consists of designing and building a unique apparatus which is installed in the standard twin cam sump or oil pan, it is not expensive to build or difficult to fabricate, it is not complex, and most home mechanics would be capable of building the baffle if they enjoy fabricating with sheet metal, and they also understand how to do a small amount of brazing.

No one but you will ever know that there is a special anti surge oil control system installed in the sump of your twin cam lotus engine. But the difference is that with the gated baffle installed, you will be able take any given corner at high speed in your Ford escort, Lotus Cortina or lotus elan and not have the slightest worry about oil surge, the oil gauge will tell you that the correct oil pressure is being delivered to your legendary twin cam lotus engine, it’s about piece of mind and confidence with high performance motoring. Build it once, build it right, and you’ll have no problems.

How To Choose The Right Hubcaps For Your Car

Hubcaps are fun to look at. There are so many different shapes and finishes to play with it would make your head spin. Now the fun part is based solely on you. When you find the set of hubcaps that is calling your name there is no denying the instant attraction. But is it all about looks and do you really need hubcaps?

The first question is who needs hubcaps? The easy answer is every driver who tries to stay within his or her budget. Some people love the look of flashy rims but others want the best of both worlds, the look of rims without the high price tag. Online car accessory retailers love people cater to people who are financially responsible but who won’t sacrifice an ounce of their personal style.

A great set of hubcaps can make an unmistakable fashion statement and can make any car stand out in a crowd. Some people go for the chrome while others prefer the sleek almost scary black hubcaps that look like they were birthed from the darkest part of the ocean. Some designs are simple and understated for the business professional, while others look like they want to transform before your very eyes and are perfect for the bold and daring. Still others prefer the classic chrome in modern shapes. Other abstract or free form designs seem as though they were fashioned with alien technology and sensibilities. In any case the tastes represented are wide and varied.

In the case of hubcaps size actually matters, in fact, it’s extremely important. After you figure out the style or look your want to give your ride its vital to get the correct measurement of the hubcap you will need. At this point most people will want to bring out the measuring tape and line it up against the round tire but this is a mistake. The only way to find out the size of your wheel cover is to verify the size of your tires. If you check the sides of your tire you will see a long code that ends in the letter “R” and another number. So if you see, for example, a code ending in R14 it means that you need 14″ hubcaps for your car. The code R15 corresponds to 15″, R16 corresponds to 16″ and so on.

Online retailers now offer the largest variety of sizes imaginable so you can get even the elusive 13″ hubcaps for your car. What’s more they come in many finishes and materials. Although many car buffs may have a preference for chrome, chrome and more chrome all over their cars, others may fall in love with the modern look of the sleek black hubcaps that are growing in popularity. So don’t hold back you can express yourself with any look you want without breaking the bank.