Spare Wheels Are So Inconveniently Stored In Modern Cars!

Having been a keen British classic car enthusiast for many years (particularly fond of the Jensen classic cars of the early sixties) I only recently purchased a very advanced luxurious modern car. My new car is packed with what amounts to amazing technology. But even with such expensive modern cars I have found one poor design aspect.

I am referring to the housing of the spare tyre and wheel. In the Jensen CV8 and before that, the Jensen 541S (as was the case with many cars of the early sixties) the spare wheel and tyre were stored under the boot and could be lowered from a point just inside the boot.

The most obvious advantage of this was, that even if the car was full of people and luggage, in the event of having to replace a wheel, one did not have to take the entire luggage out to get at the spare.

If a wheel needed to be changed these days, more often than not, if it is going to happen, it will be in pouring rain! Then the entire luggage would have to be out in the rain, for all the time, it takes to change the wheel and to get the dirty, wet, damaged one back in the boot!

Worst still, many of the new spare tyres now are of a special collapsed type (taking up less space) and the normal tyre will not fit in the space provided. So now the entire luggage and the dirty, wet, tyre will not be possible to fit back in to the boot!

I expect the car manufacturers would claim, if challenged, that such a situation is unlikely to happen as it is true that there seem to be less punctures these days than before. However, I travel a lot in Spain and have found that there is a real risk of having a tyre deliberately punctured (with a knife) as a method employed by thieves intending to steal from you. Once your tyre has been attacked (often at traffic lights) they then follow you and point out your problem, offering to help, whilst another is busy robbing you. This has happened to me twice now, luckily without them succeeding in stealing anything. But on the one occasion my car was really packed full and I realised just how impossible it was to get at my spare.

With my Jensen 541S it was an easy matter to jack the car up whilst keeping dry inside the car. Just in front of the two front seats the carpet was simply pulled away and a sealed cover opened. The Jack was then dropped down this hole and connected to the jacking up fitting, so that as one turned the handle the car could be lifted up.

I do not understand why these aspects are no longer incorporated in our modern designs.

Modern Limousines Vs Classic Limousines – Which Is Right for You?

When a bride and groom first begin to explore options for wedding limousines, they may find that there are more choices than they thought. In the most basic sense, wedding limousines can be grouped in one of two ways: modern limousines and classic limousines.

Examples of Classic Limousines

Classic limousines include such elegant choices as the Lincoln Town Car and Cadillac limousines. The length and color will vary, but white is the most popular choice for weddings. A very luxurious example of a classic limousine is the Rolls Royce Phantom. These are less common than some of the other choices, so they will cost a bit more to rent.

Classic limousines are elegant and understated and are appropriate for any wedding.

Examples of Modern Limousines

Modern limousines can be created from just about any type of car. Some of the most popular include Hummers, Mercedes Benz, Jaguar and even buses that have been converted to accommodate large parties.

Modern limousines feature amenities one would not find on a classic limousine. This could include flat screen televisions, disco balls, even a hot tub. They come in a variety of sizes and their over-the-top style makes them most appropriate for weddings that are modern and in which the bride and groom want to pull out all of the stops.

When deciding if you should choose a modern limousine or classic limousine, there are several things to consider.


For many couples, cost is a factor when choosing between a classic limousine and a modern limousine. Generally, a classic limo is going to cost less. This is mainly due to the fact the modern limos will feature special amenities that were quite costly to install.

Also, there are more classic limos on the road, so there is less demand on the available inventory. This is another factor that causes modern limos to often cost more than classic cars.


Classic limousines come in various sizes. There are cars that will seat 6 and super stretch options that will seat up to twelve or even more. If you have a very large group that you to include in your wedding limousine, you will probably need to choose a more modern car. There are modern options that will seat up to 30, and in some cases even more, passengers in one car.

This is ideal for the bride and groom who want to use their wedding limousine to transport the entire bridal party in one car.


Another consideration when choosing between a classic limousine and a modern limousine is availability. Some brides got their hearts set on a very specific modern limousine only to learn it was not available in the area in which they live.

Before deciding on a wedding limo, it is a good idea to do a quick check to be sure that a limousine rental company in your area has the car that you want. While it is sometimes possible to rent one from a distant location, there will be a hefty extra expense involved in doing so.


One of the biggest differences between a modern limousine and a classic limousine are the available amenities.

While a classic limousine will be very elegant in its design, it will most likely be quite simple. There may be a small bar and a glass partition separating the passengers from the driver, but that may be it.

With a modern limousine, there are no limits to the amenities that may be available for your wedding limousine. Some over the top modern limousines feature blinking lights, full wet bars, intercom systems, satellite radio, video game consoles, custom upholstery, restrooms in the limousine, flat panel televisions and surround sound.

If you want much more from your wedding limousine than an elegant way to arrive, a modern limousine might be the best choice.

It is difficult to compare modern limousines versus classic limousines. In many ways that is like comparing apples and oranges. Both have their charm, and both have their place in the world of wedding limousines.

There is no right or wrong. Which type of limousine is best for you is a matter of personal choice. To really be able to compare, it is best to see several limousines in person. This will help you get a feel for whether you prefer modern or classic cars for your wedding limousine.