How To Choose The Baby Stroller That Suits Each Family

Suspension to avoid shocks in potholes, three-panel hood and built-in hand brake. Characteristics that we usually look for in a zero kilometer car, today we find them in the latest generation baby strollers. More and more modern and equipped, the baby wheels are adapted to the needs and personalities of parents.

“The purchase of a stroller is not compulsive, since the future mother finds out that a baby is waiting for her ideal model,” explains Walter Alonso, commercial manager of Graco. “The parents have to take advice, weigh the car, fold it, measure it and compare it with the spaces that are part of their daily lives, like the trunk of the car or the elevator door,” suggests Patricia Hass, customer service of Perego. “The most important thing is to think about the comfort of the mother, who will spend most of the time with the car,” says Ezequiel Gartner, president of BenLevi, representative of the Baby Jogger brand.

There are so many models and brands that choosing the indicated stroller is not an easy task. But with patience you can find a model for each style of parents.


The Travel System is ideal for parents who need practicality: a single product solves all the needs of transfer in the first stage of the baby, as it serves as a stroller, baby carrier or egg, and also seat for the car. In this segment, Graco offers at least 8 models ranging from $ 1,850 to $ 3,000: the Mosaic is super compact and the Metrolite is a classic that is aggiornando. Baby Jogger offers the City Select, a high-end car with 16 combinations of positions ($ 3,500). Among the premium options is Pérego with its Modular System, an ultralight chassis on which the different components are hooked (from $ 4,000).


Moms who travel by subway, get on a bus, need comfort and dynamism will look for these cars. The Kiddy 360 is compact, with the comforts of a Travel System and the base of “paraguitas”. The Pliko de Pérego line has a built-in pedal to carry the little brother. This exclusive Italian brand also offers ultralight cars ideal for the city: the Si and Aria models weigh only 5.5 kg. (from $ 1,700). With 6 models in this range ranging from $ 900 to $ 1,300, the Graco star is the Citylite: folding, 4.2 kg. Baby Jogger has the City Mini, a tricycle very easy to fold and maneuver, which reclines almost 180 degrees and has a three-panel canopy ($ 1,900).


The GT3 is an off-road model of Pérego with three large and inflatable wheels, which is very comfortable for the baby and is an ideal option for joggers and those who travel uneven streets, sand or dirt (from $ 4,500). Kiddy’s C40, also with three wheels, is perfect for countries and has special features of Travel System, since it can be separated and used as a baby carrier ($ 1,400).


Recommended from the 9 kilos of the baby, the paraguitas are the simplest, but cheapest option in the market. Kiddy offers models from $ 250 to $ 750, the Allegro Plus, reinforced and with positions.


Pérego is the only company that makes cars for triplets: they are called Triplet and are brought by request. In addition, the company offers the Duet model for twins. In Graco there are two models for multiple dads: in one the little brothers go in a row and the seats recline differently, and in the other the “twin” goes to the side.