Why Rolls Royce Wedding Cars Make the Perfect Wedding Transport

Choosing which type of wedding transport you want for your wedding can be an extremely difficult decision. With so many different types of cars, and different makes and models, you are literally spoilt for choice. In this article, we will consider some of the advantages of choosing Rolls Royce wedding cars, and how you can choose a wedding transport company to help you to find your perfect wedding car.

Rolls Royce wedding cars are known as the ultimate classic weddings cars. Whether you choose a silky White, or shimmering Silver or classic Black exterior, Rolls Royce wedding cars are the luxury premium within wedding car transport. Put simply, Rolls Royce equals stylish.

The style and elegance of the Rolls Royce will really shine on your wedding day when you take your wedding photos. The image of the beautiful bride exiting her style Rolls Royce will capture a truly breathtaking moment. Wedding photos now form last memories of your special day, so having the perfect atmosphere and photos can be truly wonderful.

However, there is a lot more to the Rolls Royce than simple style and elegance. It is also remarkably practical and reliable as a wedding car. The Rolls Royce has a reputation for being trustworthy, and is very unlikely to break down. With such a rich tradition of luxury and reliability, it is easy to see why Rolls Royce wedding cars are so popular among couples choosing their dream wedding transport.

In addition to its reliability, Rolls Royce wedding cars are also practical in terms of their lower flooring. This provides practicality in terms of the wedding bride being able to easily enter and exit the Rolls Royce without causing any damage to the dress. As you can imagine, this is extremely important for any bride, especially before entering their own wedding ceremony!

The luxury and comfort of your own dedicated chauffeur driver also provides additional comfort on your wedding day. The advantage of a dedicated chauffeur driver is that they will focus on the timings and getting you to the venue at the right time, and you can focus on enjoying the important things that really matter on your wedding day.

Once you made the decision that you wish to hire a Rolls Royce as your wedding transport on your special day, you will have to decide where you wish to hire the car from. Many people will use the internet to find a wedding transport company, where they can hire the car and a chauffeur driver from.

Always remember when looking on the internet, it is always a good idea to also visit the wedding car showroom. One the main advantages of this is that you can actually physically see the car in the flesh before you secure the booking. Unfortunately, some wedding transport websites may advertise certain cars, and have “stock” photographs of the car – however, in reality, they are leasing a much older model.

Double check some of the practicalities such as will the car be professionally cleaned before it is used on your special day; how long will the chauffeur driver be able to stay; what insurance or coverage does the car have in the case of an accident etc. Although some of these questions may seem over the top, it is important that you consider all eventualities and scenarios for your special day.

Remember, your wedding transport is performing one of the most important parts of your wedding day – it is delivering you to your wedding venue, and will be a prominent part of your wedding photos. Take the time to choose the right transport for yourself, and enjoy your wedding day.

Why Choose a Wedding Bus for Your Celebrations?

The wedding day is a joyous – but often a very stressful – occasion, with plenty of happy memories made but also many practical and logistical issues to sort out. One of these is transporting your guests from the venue where the wedding ceremony itself takes place or to the wedding reception or dinner.

One of the most common options is for guests to take their own transport, or in some cases to rely on a fleet of taxis to transport them from A to B. However, there are some other options available which have several other advantages that are worth taking into account – including wedding bus hire.

There are several different benefits that come with hiring a bus to transport your guests at a wedding, and the first one of these is that means that all your guests travel together, meaning that no one gets lost, forgotten or suffers from a breakdown on the way and needs rescuing. A wedding bus is a way to ensure that everyone sticks together, eliminating several practical problems.

There is wedding bus hire available for all different size groups, including small vintage buses for a lesser number of people, and also double decker buses for those who have a larger group of individuals that need taking to the next venue. There is also the option to hire a couple of buses to take your guests if you really do have a large group of guests to transport.

Keeping everyone together is just one of the advantages of wedding bus hire; another significant benefit is that this can often save money, if you decide to work with the right wedding bus company. The reason for this is that it can cost more hiring separate luxury vehicles rather than just one large one to transport all the guests to the celebration.

This is not always true, as many find that hiring regular taxis or transporting people in the vehicles of the guests is one way of doing things on the cheap. However, this does not mean that hiring a bus cannot be affordable, with the advantage that you can reap many of the other benefits as well, such as the other ones listed in this article.

Another major benefit of wedding bus hire is that it can also help the organisation of your actual reception, as this guarantees that most of your guests – if they all attended your ceremony – will be arriving at the same time at the dinner or the after-party.

One of the main concerns of couples throwing a wedding party is that they also have to be great hosts to their guests, mingling with them, putting them at ease and seating them in the right places. With guests all arriving at different times at your reception venue, this can become an arduous and confusing task.

One advantage of all people arriving together is that they will already be chatting amongst themselves and can go straight from arriving to being seated in one fell swoop. There will not be any lengthy waiting around for any important guests to arrive, with people getting bored or feeling awkward as they do not know anyone to talk to.

Finally, wedding bus hire can be great idea as it gives your wedding an exciting and unique feel, and can also help get guests in the mood for your celebration before they actually arrive. Some buses will hand out flutes of champagne to guests, or at the very least provide a talking point for guests who do not know each other well.

From having a unique and exciting method of transport to even saving money compared to hiring out several limos, a wedding bus can be a great means of transportation for your guests. If you are looking to enjoy the benefits listed above, this mode of transport could be well worth your consideration.

Factors to Consider When Hiring a Vintage Wedding Car

Picture the scenario… you have made the life changing decision to get married to your partner. Weddings are known to be the most incredible day of a married couple’s life, but also the most stressful period in the weeks and months leading up to the wedding. There are many important decisions to be made before a couple get married. One of those decisions is how to travel to the wedding destination, whether it is a Church, Synagogue, Mosque etc.

One of the options is to hire a vintage wedding car. There are many considerations to take into account when making this decision. The first question is who offers the service for hiring vintage wedding cars. A search on the internet will reveal a large number of companies offering vintage wedding cars for hire. With so many companies offering this service, the next question is how to decide which company to find out more information from.

As always with weddings, sometimes a personal recommendation is the best place to start. If someone you know has recently been married, they may have some advice or even contacts to give you to help you choose. If you are not in this position, then the internet and Google can be a great help. There is a wealth of information on hiring vintage wedding cars and even more companies who offer this service.

If you are using the internet to find a specific company, then you should always make sure that you choose a reputable company. There may be many scam companies out there who may promise the world, but actually deliver nothing. Remember that your wedding day will usually be the most special day of your life – so take a bit more time to research the various vintage wedding car hire companies, and make sure that you choose the right one for you.

Once you have decided which company that would like to use, the next question is what vintage wedding car should you choose? Some of the more popular vintage cars include the 1930s Rolls Royce or the Vintage Austin – however this is more of a personal choice to the happy couple. The majority of websites will include a selection of photos and more detailed specifications about the individual cars. They will also hopefully have information about the availability of those cars. Always check the availability – there is nothing worse than choosing your dream vintage wedding car to then find that it is not available for your happy day.

Remember you should always try to view the car before you make a booking. Pictures on the internet can sometimes be deceiving so always try to make an appointment with the company so that you can see the car in person, and picture yourself travelling in luxury to your wedding. The majority of companies will provide their own chauffeur for your journey, but you should always double check this. It is often useful to make sure that the chauffeur does have some knowledge of the area which he will be driving in, just in case there are traffic issues on your big day.

Many couples also like to decorate their wedding car – whether it is inside, or on the outside. Most vintage wedding cars do actually come with decorations, however you should always double check with the company in advance to make sure. You should also check what wedding coverage or insurance is included with the car rental.

Finally, remember this is your happy day. Travelling in luxury in a vintage wedding car will hopefully contribute and make this the happiest day of your life.